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NCAA tweaks Tournament rules

Bracketology Mark Emmert and his pals in Indianapolis took a break from their Capture Cal crusade this week to make a few tweaks to the NCAA Tournament. Now, teams from the same conference that played each other once during the regular season can now meet in the third (round of 32) round, and those that played twice can meet in the Sweet 16. Teams that have played each other three teams over the course of the season won't be allowed to play each other until the regional championship game. Previously, the bracketing rules prohibited teams from the same conference from being in the same region unless nine or more teams from that conference made it into the tournament. Now, each of the top four teams selected from a conference will be placed into separate regions only if they are seeded in the first four lines. To read more about the changes, click here to go over to the NCAA's website. And bring some caffeine...it is seriously dry reading.

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