Some Conflicting Info on Daniels

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
deandre One of the things that I dont miss about following recruiting on a day to day basis is the "call on a Sunday night and ask kids what they thought about the visit" rush that begins after a player goes to a campus trip. Usually a kid catches a plane on a Sunday morning and in the evening, hordes of recruiting storytellers hawk him until he gives a quote that says "I liked the visit and I havent made up my mind." But sometimes these post-visit calls can give diverging information. When it comes to Deandre Daniels, it isnt really clear what happened on his visit. A quote right after his visit came from his father, in which he said UK had one of the best campuses in the country and that Daniels was considering UK. Then came a quote from his former coach, suggesting that the quote from his father was incorrect and that the Cats were behind Kansas and Oregon for the former Texas commitment. So what is true? Who knows...what is clear is that UK is most interested for Daniels if he decides he wants to play THIS year. If he wants to enroll in January and redshirt for the year, Kentucky would probably take him, but the interest isnt quite as immediate. If Daniels is to be a Cat, we will probably find out very soon.

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