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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wallstocking On my way to Middlesboro for the holidays, but a few quick things: --- In many ways, today is somewhat of a throwaway game. The Cats won, which is important, but otherwise we can learn very little from the proceedings. Playing a decent tream, coming off a huge victory on Monday, with no real practice time and the goal of getting on Christmas break means a sluggish performance. The Cats were clearly better when the full team was clicking and you have to love the performance of Boogie. And kudos to the students for getting the Boogie chant going. Lets make all of Rupp do it at least once. --- The postgame press conference was boring but did include one great moment. Alan Cutler asked Calipari what he wanted for Christmas. Calipari saw who asked the question, smiled and said, "for you not to chase me down the hall." --- A non-game piece of news comes from the Big Lead which reported that a source from ESPN says Jemele Hill may not be on ESPN tv anymore after her "Charles Manson comments that occurred last week. According to the source, she will still work on the website but her tv days may be ending. I find this to be a ridiculous response from ESPN, especially if the Big Lead's report is true that a producer greenlighted the line prior to air. Add to it the fact that Jay Mariotti said something similar and that ESPN has done nothing to Forde or any other columnist and the word "scapegoat" seems appropriate. Hill does have a history however and thus it makes her an easy target. Either way, the ESPN-UK stuff keeps getting more interesting. We will have more later tonight and posts (although not a ton of them) over the next two days. Let me wish you an early Merry Christmas!

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