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Defend this line, and the wins will come. Keep this in mind Cats fans when you talk a lack of offensive efficiency: -UK is 39th out of 343 Division 1 schools in points per game at 77.5 PPG -UK is 8th in the nation in shooting percentage at 49.0%.  Ironically, Florida is 7th in the country. -UK is 3rd in the nation in free throw percentage at 79.2%.  -UK is 152nd in the country in 3-point percentage at 34.6%.  That's better than more than half the nation.  And look, I got eyes too.  The offense has been terrible the last 3 games.  There is no question.  My whole point is that at certain points in this season, the offense has been really good.  If the Cats can keep the turnovers down (a HUGE task I would agree), they shoot at such a high percentage, and play good enough defense they should win most games.  I will continue to say it.  SUPPORT THIS TEAM!! Frustration is expected and completely understandable, but hatred is not.  I see good things possible with this team.  The keys are simply keeping turnovers down, and defend the 3-point shot better.  Those two things go well for the Cats tomorrow, and I GUARANTEE a win over the Gators.

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