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Be honest.  You thought I was sleeping, didn't you?  Ha!  Beisner never sleeps.  Not when there's a website to be run.  However, Beisner does mail it in some when he's tired (and talking in third person) and that's what you have here.  A few Friday night notes:  - We're just a few short minutes away from the end of Friday and still not a word regarding Enes Kanter.  I'm assuming the NCAA folks aren't still meeting, so it might be safe to write off a possible decision for Friday.  Don't worry, though, we still have Saturday.  And that's still "soon", right?  - I told you this jinx wasn't going anywhere.  Tennessee lost to Charlotte Friday, just days after losing to Oakland.  For those of you keeping track at home, Tennessee and Louisville are now 0-3 with losses to Oakland, Charlotte and Drexel in this new era of Kentucky Sports Radio.  Adore me.  - It's hard to imagine that you had a bigger night than Trevor Lacey (especially if you're reading this).  Lacey (pictured above) scored 51 of his team's 69 points in a loss to Homewood (Ala.), which is the top-ranked team in the state's largest classification.  Good thing too.  He entered the game averaging a weak-ass 41.5 per contest.  - I was going to send out about 200 Tweets teasing this surprise, but I figured that would really kill your phone bill.  Just sign up for the unlimited texts already.  Anyway, KSR has a big announcement for tomorrow's game.  I don't want to say it outright, but these clues might help.  It involves someone who used to run the site.  It involves typing.  It's interactive.  It's live.  It's a blog.  It's a live blog.  It's a live blog with Matt Jones.  I'm going to bed.  Goodnight.

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