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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
qmill It is very late and we have a big day tomorrow, so really quick: --- I spent the evening watching 2011 recruit Quincy Miller play at LCA against a team from West Virginia. It was a brutal game, with 10-12 guys who will play Division I roster between the two teams. Miller had 20 points and 8 rebounds and had an altercation with a future West Virginia player that is worthy of its own post in the next day or so. For our purposes, this much is clear: Miller is VERY good, can take it inside and out and will be an absolute stud. After the game he was wearing UK gear, talked about his love for UK and told me that he would not make a decision on a commitment until his Senior season. --- Also at the same time, CJ Leslie played at Lexington Catholic. He spoke with the great Jerry Tipton after the game and was asked about the presence of so many UK players at the game and he said: "That's love right there," Leslie said of the UK presence. "My former point guard coming to the game. I'm close to most of the team. I'm part of the family." "You all have the best fans I've ever seen," he said. "I see more fans here than at home." --- Where did those players come from? Well Cousins, Wall, Stevenson, Orton, Hood, Krebs and Miller went to both games, staying the first half at the Miller game and the second half at the Leslie game. Coach Calipari, Orlando Antigua, Rod Strickland and Joe B Hall were at both games as well. Great scene and a great job of team recruiting for the program. Oh yeah and Wall/Cousins were wearing matching Buddy Holly glasses and hats. Finally, two notes: 1. LIVE BLOG at 3:30 PM for the Georgia game. Show up and lets get it going. 2. KSR PODCAST taping at 8 pm at Lexington Catholic for the CJ Leslie game. It will be a HUGE game against a very good team and the potential future Cat will be on display. You need to be there. More all day as Hunter Campbell and I take you on your journey....

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