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More John Wall dance!  This one is from New Orleans during the Saints celebration.

Just a few quick hitters from around the college basketball world while you get ready for the premiere of Survivor 20 tonight. Seriously. Twenty.

-There is talk all around the college sports world right now about expanding the NCAA tournament from 65 teams to 96.  Most everyone agrees that this is a terrible idea.  Well, most everyone except friend of KSR Gregg Doyel.  Doyel, I love your style, but this time you’re just wrong.  Yes, a lot of the arguments against the expansion aren’t solid, but the fact of the matter is that there has yet to be a single good argument for the expansion.  No team from 65-96 is going to win the tournament, so why put them in it?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Calhoun is back, baby. UConn went 3-4 during his medical leave, but he got better, and looks to be roaming the sidelines for the Cincinnati game on Saturday.  The question now, is it too late?  Have the Huskies fallen off the bubble completely?

-Just to clarify, for those that are still confused, yesterday Cal tweeted out this picture.  Yes, Kentucky was misspelled on John Walls new jersey (which Pitino has already claimed to have no interest in.)  No, it won’t be like that on Saturday.  In fact, Cal tweeted out almost immediately that he was all “j/k LOL!” Good one, Coach.

-Meanwhile, North Carolina still hasn’t reached 2,000 wins. Currently they are sitting at 1,997, and Kansas is at 1,993.  UNC is 13-11, and facing a tough final 6 game stretch.  The likelihood is that they find a way to make it to 2,000 before the season is over, but if they finish below .500, would the NIT even take them?  Something to keep an eye on.  Oh, and for the record, Kentucky is at 2,011.

-Kentucky recruit CJ Leslie picks ‘his homeboy’ John Wall to win it all in April this year.  Let’s just hope he picks us again on signing day.

-Finally, for all you guys looking for that special gift this valentines day, I’m here for you.  Wine and dine, my friends.  Wine and dine.

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