Some Notes from the Georgia Game

Some Notes from the Georgia Game

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
mbb_022807_seniors1.jpeg I gotta say, I am a sucker for moments like last night. You give me two of the nicest guys to ever play for Kentucky (and one of the smartest in Perry) and then throw in the Big Woo (who is the greatest, period), add in a little spice of "My Old Kentucky Home" and stir it with the a fan base that did itself proud on a huge recruiting night.....and well, it gets this guy everytime. I once had a girlfriend who said that I was a complete schmaltz whenever it came to putting pictures to music....and thus I do think we gotta put up this video of Senior Night at UK. Granted the video looks to have been shot by a cell phone, but it is better than nothing as the ceremony was not shown on the broadcast. Now onto some post game tidbits: (1) Tubby made a comment during the post-game activities something to the effect that "Randolph Morris will get his Senior Day" next year. It was not addressed on the question of Morris' return and it may have been an off-handed remark with no significance. But it is worth mentioning and watching as folks begin to try and read the Morris tea leaves. (2) Larry Vaught of the Danville Advocate Messenger reported on another site that Tubby Smith may have been accosted by a fan outside of Rupp Arena. Apparently someone came up to him and grabbed his arm, before being taken away by local police. If so, a very bizarre and disturbing incident. (3) I got an email today from a fan who said that Woo mentioned in one of his post-game comments something to the effect that he got his toughness from the times as a little Woo when "my mother threw me in the ice lake and made me tough it out." I am not sure if this is true....but if anyone heard it, please confirm as I LOVE the story. (4) Great observations about the time had by Jai Lucas last night. He received numerous cheers from the UK students and at one point had the whole student body and many fans chanting his name. He then stood up and acknowledged the crowd to applause. John Lucas was seen cheering for the Cats and jumping out of his chair on a Jodie Meeks three pointer. From all accounts, the Lucas's looked to have a great time and acknowledged all the many people who cheered them on. More to come tonight.....Cats Women in the SEC Tourney as we speak...... mbb_022807_seniors2.jpeg mbb_022807_fans1.jpeg

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