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blue-jesus1I didn't make this.  It came in an email.  So save your "You are a devil worhipper" comments. Today seems to be very, very quiet as we lead up to Kentucky's game with the UConn Huskies tonight.  It's possible the whole world has been snowed in (except here, it's quite nice).  So, let's not just make things up here.  Let's just hit a couple of quick notes and my Twitter one-liners:  - The great Tom Leach tweeted that an interview between Andy Katz and Coach Cal will air on Sportscenter tonight at 6pm.  And then tomorrow at 8 am.  And 9 am.  And 10 am. get the point.  - There is no question that there is no love lost between Coach Cal and that Chowdahead Jim Calhoun.  ESPN's Dana O'Neill-Forde writes about the beef that exists between the two head coaches.  - An interesting note when looking at these teams: depth.  UConn has five players going 30 minutes per game and only one sub averaging more than 10.  The Cats, meanwhile, have two guys (Wall and Patterson) averaging over 30 and eight guys going for more than 15 per game.  Run, run, run.  - There are reports stirring online (and I've heard from one very good source) that UK has hired additional security for tonight's game in order to ensure the New York Knicks do not kidnap John Wall.  Or Mark Krebs, for that matter.  - One thing is clear so far in this UT recruiting hostess saga and it's that you have to hate Lane Kiffin more now than you ever have.  Looking back, when he told us about how Nu'Keese's phone rang when he was on campus, he left out all the good stuff.  Who cares about Urban Meyer's phone call?  I want to hear about his hostess!  C'mon, Lane.  Are you a man or what?   - Across the bridge or river or whatever it is from MSG, former Card T-Wizzle has landed in some twouble due to Twitter.  Ok, now back to forgetting all about him.  - Since El Capitan Jones will be attending tonight's game as a fan, there will be no live blog here on KSR.  However, we will debut our new, improved chat software so you can exchange victory banter with your closest pals.

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