Some Olympic Thoughts

Some Olympic Thoughts

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
kobebryant.jpg --- The USA Basketball Team is ridiculously good. They beat Spain by 37 points, while shooting nearly 50% from three point land. Our man Tayshaun even was in double digits with ten points. Putting on a show in China and representing America well off the court....Stern couldnt be happier. --- If you want comedy, look at the Croatian water polo team. Moustaches, body hair, fat bellies and a look like they all want to be smoking a cigarette during the game....and they are the best team in the world. --- The most homosexual sport in the's synchronized diving....and it isnt close. --- I watched all of the 20 km race walk at 3 am on Friday is officially time to take away my remote. --- Worst sport in the Olympics....Equestrian Dressage....if this is what Lexington is hosting in 2010 at the World Championships, let me go ahead and withdraw my request for a press pass. --- Just look up Paraguay female javelin on wont be disappointed. --- Michael Phelps' last night tonight....he might have won the most medals of all time, but be careful with this "greatest Olympian" ever title. Just because swimming has like 5,000 events doesnt make it any more important than a sport like the decathalon which has ten events but only one medal. Still quite a show and certainly the best swimmer ever. --- There is nothing more boring to watch than Olympic notion of how or why people are scoring and Teddy Atlas is sleep inducing. Bring in George Foreman and let the judges from American Idol and I might watch. --- The outfits on female beach volleyball are ridiculous. Kerri Walsh and Misty May wear wearing mesh the other night.....MESH! That cant be areodynamic. --- If you look up smug in the dictionary, you find a picture of Bob Costas --- Bela Karolyi needs a tv show pronto. --- You know its Olympic time when you hear the phrase "he plays with that classic Bulgarian volleyball style" and you dont bat an eye. ---

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