Some Quick Notes From the Road

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patpeas Patrick Doing his thing at the Black Eyed Peas show A couple of quick notes from the BW3s in Indianapolis: --- Jodie Meeks has been traded to the 76ers as part of a larger deal. Meeks was behind a few guards in Milwaukee and we certainly hope this opens up the chance for him to get some more playing time very soon. --- A number of announcers and commentators yesterday said that John Wall was their choice for Player of the Year, including Jalen Rose and Greg Anthony. What I have found is that many who were early supporters of Wall have for some reason decided that the thing to do now is suggest he no longer deserves it. While Evan Turner is certainly a contender and a case can be made for Demarcus Cousins as well, Wall would get my vote as of today. --- Terribly sad news about Rajaan Bennett and the murder-suicide. He was a kid that UK folks really liked and we send prayers out to his family and friends. --- A big Happy Birthday to KSR fan ERIN CALIPARI. Erin has been a supporter of KSR for a long time and her sense of humor is exactly the type we like and support on this site. And oh yeah, she is the Coach's daughter. But we would like her either way, as she (along with her sister Megan) produce some of the funniest Facebook commentary that we see on a daily basis. Finally, our road trip has begun and we are already tired. The CBS blog link will probably go live sometime this afternoon or evening. We will be at Pittsburgh-Marquette tonight, which will be on ESPN and we hope you will tune in. For now, follow the participants on the Twitter accounts below and look for short updates here. We already have named the Kia Rondo we are driving (big spenders at CBS) the "Harangody" and it already is a mess. Roadtrip baby! Matt Jones: Kysportsradio Drew Franklin: TheDrewFranklin Chris Tomlin: cm_tomlin

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