Someone might need to Locke it up

Thomas Beisnerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Kentucky Vanderbilt Football It's been an interesting turn in the public perception of Derrick Locke over the past couple of weeks. Locke has been considered a favorite by many after stepping up as a no-name freshman and rushing for over 500 yards, including a big performance in the upset of #1 LSU. However, since taking to Facebook with a public "should I stay or go?" message after the Tennessee loss, he's seemed to have his eyes set firmly on the NFL, which certainly is no crime. What is rubbing a few fans the wrong way, though, is that the guy who seemed to be fairly committed to getting out of bounds last night instead of taking a hit and who also walked off the field with a minute left, leaving his teammates behind had this to say to the Courier-Journal during his confirmation of his return next year:
"If we don't get the offense going in the right direction that I want, I could get myself going in the supplemental draft," he said.
I'm not certain what "in the right direction that I want" means or if Joker Phillips and Randy Sanders have scheduled a brain-storming meeting with Locke yet, but it's safe to assume that type of statement isn't exactly popular around the Nutter Center.  Or the message boards.  And, though it was likely uttered in frustration following his first bowl loss, it's still not what you want to hear from one of your best (and most veteran) players.

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