Something to make you forget the "football" game

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I am not real sure if you can call that real football what we just watched, but nonetheless another year, another loss to UT.  Blah blah blah.  Seriously, its time to stop getting our hopes up.  I don't mean stop cheering for the Cats, but just stop getting crushed over losses to Fat Phil and Skinny Lane (soon to be).  It's inevitable, much like Notre Dame getting slapped around by USC.  So, just real quick before the basketball game, Morgan Newton just finished up his high school career, falling in the 5A state title game 36-33.  His team led 33-14 with 6 minutes left, but the other team (we'll call them Tennessee) recovered 2 onside kicks and took the lead with 50 seconds left.  Newton still had quite a game: 19 carries, 211 yards, TD's not avaibale (but I heard at least 2) Season numbers: 233 carries, 1673 yards, 24 rushing TD's, 168-241, 1847 yards, 21 passing TD's

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