Sometimes Enes Kanter Thinks About Us, Too.

Sometimes Enes Kanter Thinks About Us, Too.

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During the preseason, a lot of the speculation about this Kentucky team revolved aroudn a player that would never ultimately take the floor.  You may remember the one they called the UnderKanter.  Enes, while he hasn’t been able to play, has managed to attract the eye of NBA scouts.  In part due to his immense talent (okay, a big part,) but also in part because of the lack of real talent in this years draft class.  Marc Spears over at Yahoo! Sports has a nice read on Enes and the draft, and while it is definitely worth checking out, one Kanter quote sticks out.

“I cry when I watch the games,” Kanter told Yahoo! Sports. “When I watch them play I’m sad because I cannot help my teammates. When I see them losing, it’s frustrating.”

We cry sometimes too Enes.  We cry sometimes too.

Check out the full read here, while you think about how easily Kentucky would roll past Ohio State if the Turk were, in fact, allowed to do work.

And we’ll always have the memories.

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