Sound Off! Enes This Year Or Next?

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Continuing in todays’ theme of KanterSportsRadio…

With the revelation from Kanter’s father yesterday that, yes, there may be a chance Enes comes back to Kentucky if he can play… some people have begun to ask themselves if they wouldn’t rather the NCAA suspend him this year so next season Kentucky can win the NBA title.  Now there are some that question the accuracy of a prediction from the father, some that believe it was more of an effort to show intent to the NCAA, and some that think Kanter should at least be getting discounts on his tattoo’s, but at the very least the quote has sparked a discussion.

So let’s think about it (each team with Kanter)



PG: Knight

SG: Miller

SF: Liggins

PF: Jones

C: Kanter

Off the bench: Lamb, Jorts, Vargas, Poole, Hood, Polson



PG: Teague

SG: Miller (Knight/Lamb if one stays)

SF: Gilchrist

PF: Davis

C: Kanter

Off the bench: Wiltjer, Liggins, Vargas, Poole, Hood, Polson


If Kanter plays this year I think Kentucky throws itself into the pool of Final Four Favorites.  That’s not to say they can’t get there without Kanter – it will just take a string of great games and a little luck with match ups.  With him though, they can become a legitimate threat to win it all.

However, if Kanter plays next year?  Look out.  Kentucky will be so stacked people will be calling us Pamela Anderson.  The amount of talent on that team alone will outshine the Draft Cats, and if Knight or Lamb decide to stay… that roster will be the second time in history that 5 players from the same team are drafted in the first round.

So let’s assume that Kanter will only play one year – either this year or next.  Would you rather have a fringe great team this year to guarantee an historic team next season?  Or would you like two teams that could be considered favorites for the final four?

Given the randomness of the NCAA tournament, I’d like to see Kanter as soon as possible.  Plus Kanter next year just seems like overkill, you know?  Let’s hear your thoughts.

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