Sources Say: Lively sets a commitment date. Will it be UK or Duke? Bona?

Sources Say: Lively sets a commitment date. Will it be UK or Duke? Bona?

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Sources Say

KSR’s Jack Pilgrim is joined by Shawn Smith of Go Big Blue Country for episode 118 of the Sources Say Podcast to discuss Dereck Lively’s surprise commitment date and the latest in his recruitment. Will it be Kentucky or Duke? And where does Adem Bona fit into the equation?

  • Lively sets a surprise commitment date, and it’s coming sooner than anyone expected
  • Breaking down the favorites
  • A whirlwind of a day
  • Does anyone know where Lively is going?
  • Where does Adem Bona fit into things?
  • Is it one or the other?
  • How soon could we hear of a Bona decision if Lively goes elsewhere?
  • Could Bona come off the board first?
  • Why UK will be a winner no matter how it unfolds

You can listen to the episode in its entirety below:

Want to watch the show? Check it out below:

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