South Carolina Livin that Thug Life

by:Matt Jones09/04/06
To me, one of the most absurd, and thus best, moments of a college football game is the moment after a touchdown when the camera pans to the bench and showcases the scoring player giving his message out to his mom, family or boys back home. Usually the messages are pretty mundane. Something along the lines of "Hi mom!", "This goes out to all the boys in Middlesboro....REPRESENT" or "Bringing it hardcore" know the usual. And then there is Cory Boyd of South Carolina. When given the chance to tell the world what was on his mind, Boyd decided that he should shout "We're back like cooked crack." As you watch that video, notice how effortlessly Boyd's affinity for illegal drugs is thrown out.....this wasnt a guy who had a slip of the time, but it is clear that cooked crack is a reference point to him....and I am sure all of the University of South Carolina has to be happy about that. For the record, Cory apologized and said the comment was "immature". Good for Cory. And it keeps us from hearing Boyd's next line which was apparently "We are bringin all we have left, just like crystal meth."

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