South Carolina Must Go Down
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South Carolina Must Go Down

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
hootie01.jpeg You gotta admit this is exciting. If you are like me, this week has been very difficult work wise, because you have been pointing towards Thursday night for the South Carolina game. Kentucky very rarely plays on Thursday night, and even more rarely does the game have anything close to national significance. This game is truly one of the most important of the week and will have the national spotlight for all of America's sports fans smart enough not to watch baseball. Just like with the Louisville and Arkansas games before and the LSU and Florida games to come, Kentucky is in the middle of big-time football games and has the national radar squarely on its back during every contest. Andre Woodson is the talk of all analysts and virtually all agree with what we always knew....he is the best Quarterback in America and should be in the Top 3 for the Heisman Trophy. But even with all this excitement, there is a little matter of the actual game on Thursday night. And for that it is clear, that South Carolina must go down. There are so many reasons the Cats not only should win, but they have to win. First and foremost, this magical ride needs to go one more week and take us into an LSU-Florida stretch undefeated, and with the real possiblity of seeing Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit hanging out on Cooper Drive. Losing to South Carolina doesnt end the hype, but it dampens it....and we need this magical ride to continue. Second, we need to take it to the Ol Ball Coach. Now I may be in the minority, but I like Spurrier....however there is no doubt that he has taken beating Kentucky for granted over the years.....the 18th time must be the charm and Spurrier simply has to go down....karma requires it. And finally, as much as I love Hootie (and yes I am not afraid to admit that I am still a fan of the biggest band of the mid-90s), as far as celebrity fans go, they dont hold a candle to Ashley Judd.....sure Dale Jr and Ric Flair may be at the game, but Mikey Waltrip and the Macho Man are much cooler....ok maybe not, but with our plethora of country music stars, quantity will overtake celebrity quality. But ultimately, more important than all of these reasons combined is the fact that Kentucky is on the precipice of something special. Win one more game against South Carolina and all of a sudden, winning the SEC East is directly within Kentucky's wheelhouse. Beat the Cocks and you can look at the Florida-Georgia-Tennessee threesome of games and say to yourself, "win two of those three and we are going to Atlanta".....who would have ever thought that possible? But we have to beat South Carolina first and it is CRUCIAL that it happen. I want the magical season of 07 to live forever.....but for that to happen and for Atlanta to amazingly be CAT-lanta for FOOTBALL of all things, we gotta win in head says USC will win....but my heart says we deserve it and its going to happen. I cant wait for Thursday night.....South Carolina simply MUST go down! Kentucky Sports Radio is at Longheads Bar and Grill on Dixie Highway from 5:30 up until gametime......come out and do your pregame there and watch the game on their absurdly big screens. It will be a great time and a chance for Cat camraderie. C-A-T-S!!!!!

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