Southern Acres Christian Church Sends Letter Banning Church Members from Services and Communion

Matt Jonesover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
You may have heard us talk on the radio show about the controversy at a Lexington area church, Southern Acres Christian. The story is somewhat complicated and as with all issues, there are two sides. The minister is feuding with a chunk of his congregation over Administration issues and questions of money use, while there has also been a lawsuit and multiple disagreements, leading to a church of 300 plus, now only having 100 regular attendees (according to the Herald Leader). Last week a police officer waited on church grounds in order to not allow members who are on the other side to enter the premises. Late this week, KSR was given a copy of these letters, banning anyone who disagrees with the Minister and seeks to have a meeting to discuss his future from coming into the church or receiving communion. We will discuss more on the show today, but for now here is the letter sent to a number of Lexington church members. We thought we would put it here for folks to see before the show. It is worth noting that I have no dog in this fight and am not taking a stance on the main issues. But for a church to send a letter banning people from attendance, membership and communion over having a meeting....well that does seem like a little much and not quite living up to the standard of making Lexington like it is in heaven. [mobile_ad]

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