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Matt Jones08/06/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
It occurred to me recently that I have been doing this blog for almost a year (anniversary coming!!!) and I have very rarely, if ever mentioned professional wrestling. There are very few cultural phenomenons that have consistently been a part of my life more than professional wrestling. Whether it was the early Hulk Hogan days with the Saturday morning cartoon, the middle Hogan-Warrior-Flair days, the late high school and college NWO days, the Austin and Rock phenomenons, all the way to the awfulness of the HHH era that we live in today. I always seem to know something about professional wrestling.....much to the chagrin of the various women in my life. Thus when I saw this blog entry naming the 50 Greatest WWF (sorry pandas, WWE) Rivalries of All Time, I got very excited. Here was a chance to relive my youth and see all the rivalries that my buddy DJ knows by heart, but that I havent looked at in quite some time. Well that was until I looked at the list. It is well.....disappointing. While it gets number one right (gotta go with Hulk and Andre), it leaves off a number of great ones (McMahon and Austin has to be number 2 and it isnt even on the list) and includes bizarre choices (Giant Gonzalez???). I point it out to you, the readers, only for nostalgia purposes. I feel inspired to come up with my own list and may even create an expert panel (DJ Sharpe and thats it) for help. Of course this will likely never happen, but one day you may get your own KSR Radio Top 50 WWF soon as we finish the Greatest UK Player every tournament. ;)

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