Sports Mobbin on a Friday Afternoon (3-7 pm)

Sports Mobbin on a Friday Afternoon (3-7 pm)

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
joakim.bmp bozo.bmp I cant even begin to express my disappointment that "Waltah to the Altah McCartey is now a member of the Louisville staff. I am happy he is getting into coaching, but come on....for the Cards? When they took Steve Masiello, I was glad...but not Waltah. Oh well, it wont stop the fourth straight beat down this year in Rupp. Sports Mob is a Friday edition, which means lots of nonsense....and talk about the "Best UK player ever" bracket. Check it out at the link below and use the comments section to chat it up....... Sports Mob radio

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