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kaeliniraq The above picture is of a long-time KSR reader David Kaelin, who has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for some time and presented a Patrick Patterson jersey to two members of the Iraqi Government last week. David is big on spreading the Big Blue mantra across the globe and the above picture is one of my favorites. Two quick notes on appearances by the Blue faithful: --- John Calipari was on the Dan Patrick Show today and made a pitch for the Hoops for Haiti telethon. Patrick noted that he expected more publicity for the event and said that if Duke or UNC had done it, Sportscenter would have led with coverage. Calipari however didnt add to those comments and just thanked the Big Blue Nation for supporting the effort and raising such large sums of money. He also reminded Patrick that the team was 10-8 (ugh) and that we are young. Still yet, good appearance by the Coach. Here is the AUDIO of the Segment in case you missed it. --- Ashley Judd was on ESPN this morning on First and Ten to talk Hoops for Haiti and the Tooth Fairy. I love Ashley (and my mom does as well, which you would know if you listen to the podcast), but the Tooth Fairy has to be an absolutely dreadful movie. I cant imagine watching it, although I would do a podcast from the theater if anyone would let me. --- Finally, if you havent seen it on Coachcal.com, I wrote a response to his video telling UK fans not to get too excited about potentially being #1. The thesis is...we are excited, so let us be excited. If Martin Luther were here, he would nail it to the wall at the Craft Center. More later....

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