Stack Ya Money Till It Gets Sky High - Ticket Prices Increase

Will Lentzabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz


As much as I hated the lottery system at times the past five years, I have to admit, it’s better paying five dollars than the thirty-ish they cost non-students.  Unfortunately, the powers that be have decided to increase the ticket prices for the 2010-11 season, from the upper arena seating to the donations required by the K Fund for primo court side seats.

General seating looks to go up by seven dollars a ticket.  This means that your upper arena tickets will now be around $35, and lowers should be around $40.  That increase isn’t likely to break anyones bank, but if you have a family of four, the ticket costs could certainly start to add up.

If you want to get priority seating though, your donations needed to the K Fund have skyrocketed.  Those that were donating $1,350 are now going to need to donate $5,000 which is a huge jump.  The rest of the K Fund prices have increased as well, though in much smaller amounts.

Football tickets have also seen an increase by $6, and K Fund tickets by $50.

It’s tough times all around folks.  I’m not going to try and tell you it’s a good thing the prices went up, but if you’ve got a hot ticket, you make money off it. And until tickets move over the $50 line or Matt Jones starts giving me press passes, I will be willing to pay.

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