STAFF SHAKEUP: Justus replaces Robic; Robic named special assistant to Calipari

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joel-justus In a major Kentucky basketball staff reorganization, John Calipari announced on Friday that Joel Justus has become a full-time assistant on the UK basketball staff. Justus -- who filled in for John Robic on the recruiting trail over the summer while Robic took time away for family reasons -- joins Kenny Payne and Tony Barbee as Calpari's three assistant coaches on staff. But don't you worry, Big Blue Nation -- Coach Robic isn't leaving. Robic will now serve as a special assistant to Calipari, which will allow him to do what he does better than anyone in the game: devote all of his energy toward scouting opponents and game-planning. From the words of Coach Cal:

First and foremost, John Robic has been and will continue to be my closest confidant. He has been with me for 20 years as we’ve rebuilt three different programs. Robes has been with me nearly every step of the way over an incredible journey, and he will continue to be as we try to take this thing to the next level.

In his role as special assistant to the head coach, he can and will continue to help me prepare for games, which he’s done his entire career. That won’t change. He will continue to break down film with me, come up with our scouting reports and prepare me for our next opponent. He’s the best in the business at it, and I can’t think of anyone else filling that role. []

This is the best move for all parties and the entire program will benefit from it. Robic has never been a big recruiter and this allows him to stick to his coaching expertise. He's a guy who prefers to be locked in the film room to draw up the Xs and Os for an upcoming game, not jet-setting across the country to scout and recruit. Meanwhile, Justus is the exact opposite as he has proven his worth on the recruiting trail and he's an up-and-comer in that aspect. Promoting Justus to assistant allows him to do that (only full-time assistants can recruit) without taking away from Robic's critical role in game preparation. Love the move and I'm happy for Justus' promotion, as well as Robic's move to a spot I'm sure he prefers. Go Cats.

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