Stanley Williams opens up about picking Kentucky

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BoomWilliams The Courier-Journal's Steve Jones talked to Stanley Williams about his commitment to UK yesterday, and the man they call Boom had nothing but great things to say about his future team. Williams said the "family atmosphere" at Kentucky was really appealing to him, along with the unparalleled support from the fan base:
"I’ve never seen a fan base like Kentucky. It’s like no other. The fans are incredible, and they stick with the team through thick and thin. Kentucky has a great fan base, and I can’t wait to play in front of them and make some exciting plays."
What does he think about "Yahtzee," the staff's code word for a commitment?
"It’s a great tradition. It’s something different that no one else does. Coach Stoops asked me how I was going to (announce the decision), I told him I was going to yell, ‘Yahtzee!” and the whole office just went crazy. I think it’s a great tradition, and we’re looking for some more of those. It’s a fun thing, a funny thing, and we’re going to get a bunch more Yahtzees."
While Williams concedes that 2013 will be a "tough year" for the Cats, he predicts 2015 will be the breakout season for Stoops and company, in which they'll WIN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP and "possibly bring a national title back to Lexington." Wow. I might need to go take a cold shower after that. For more things that make you go "Boom," be sure to go check out the interview in full. [Stanley Williams thinks Kentucky will compete for SEC title in 2015]

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