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Stars of the Game

Thomas Beisnerover 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Thankfully, Don Cherry has nothing to do with this. For those of you who don't follow hockey, which I'm guesssing is somewhere between 99.9% and 100% of the people reading this post, after every game, they usually identify the three stars of the game and give them their due recognition. So, since this blog and hockey are practically married to each other, and since we would be nowhere without you, we'd like to introduce another weekly Friday feature that will be one-and-done: the KSR Stars of the Game. This week, we're choosing to honor the three message board warriors who brought the most passion to the table - each in their own unique way. (1)  meeksistheman - In a perfect world, you wouldn't be able to spell "dedication" without "meeksistheman". Over the course of the past few weeks, he has attacked the best football coach in the SEC poll on ESPN with a passion not seen since that Chinese guy stood in front of the tank and has helped Brooks make more than a little noise in the poll. By my count, he had posted the link 37 times (UPDATE: 38!) in our comments section and, by doing so, he has moved Coach from 11th in the standings to 9th and he now finds himself barely behind the Sabanator for 4th in overall first place votes. Brooks was hovering around 1,600 when meeksistheman got ahold of the thing, and now he's at over 6,500. So, in honor of you, meeksistheman, I'm urging everyone to go give Coach one more final push. You can vote here. 2.  Haggard_N_Maggard - Keeping with theme of passion, our next fine commenter is Haggard_N_Maggard - a message board poster who won't stop until he's crowned champion. We're all well aware of the massive nerd fight that broke out a few weeks ago and the impressive number of comments. However, what was originally a drive for 300, turned into a drive for 350, and then eventually a contest to finish off the greatest series of comments in the history of the internet with the final nail in the message board coffin. So, the winner of that battle turned out to be "lefty" who planted his American flag on the ground and boldly claimed that he would be immortalized. Or so he thought. Roughly 18 hours later, at 8:10 am on August 21st, Haggard_N_Maggard came through with a taunting finishing post of "Hahahhahahahhaha! Last at last." and yanked down that statue of lefty. Haggard_N-Maggard came to play and you have to respect that. 3.  Aram - This might come as a surprise to most of you who might not be familiar with our man Aram or the good work he has been doing on the board the past week or so, but he's definitely a prime example of passion, nonetheless. Aram hasn't commented on any recent posts, choosing instead to post on every single thread with the words "Shagari Alleyne" in them and note the that large men like Shagari, Yao and Roy Hibbert deserve some respect. They say passion is doing something because you love it and not for the recognition. Aram exemplifies that trait because no one - even Shagari - is paying attention to those old Shagari posts from 2006. I tip my hat to you, sir.  So, congratulations to our three prime examples of passion. I wish I could give you a prize, but a shout-out and a congrats are the best I can do. So, everyone else, feel free to give them all a virtual high-five through your computer and spend this weekend trying to figure out how you can be more like them. And then go vote for Brooks one more time.

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