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ncaastats Only one man in all of college football has piled up over 2,000 all-purpose yards this season - and that man is Randall Cobb.  Cobb averages more yards per game than any other player in the country and he's picking up a crazy 12.41 yards per touch in the process.  Basically, what that means is if football was a dance off, everybody is Bristol Palin while Cobb hits his dougie. On the other side of the ball, Kentucky's defense is dead last in minutes played per game with 30:00/gm.  Danny Trevathan and his 120 tackles ranks #1 in the SEC and #8 in the NCAA.  (That's called beast mode, kids.) Like it or not, Cobb and Trevathan are about to be two very wealthy individuals. I hope they remember the small people with blogs. Go Cats.

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