Stats don't lie: Stoops >>> Joker in recruiting

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


stoops-comeatme It's pretty obvious that Mark Stoops is better than Joker Phillips at this recruiting thing. But to make the difference between the two even more defined, Kyle Tucker crunched the numbers, comparing Stoops' first 29 commitments to Joker's last 29 commitments. The difference, as you would expect, is glaring. The average commitment under Mark Stoops averages 9.3 BCS offers, while the average commitment under Joker averaged 3.9:
Mark Stoops’ first 29 commitments/signees had a total of 271 scholarship offers from BCS schools. That’s an average of 9.3 per player. A dozen had double-digit BCS offers. Joker Phillips’ last 29 signees had a total of 114 BCS offers, an average of 3.9 per player. Ten of those players had no other BCS offers but Kentucky. Fourteen had none or one other BCS offer. Only three had double-digit offers. Let those numbers wash over you for a moment. Perhaps a couple of charts will better illustrate the stark contrast:
OffersStoopsJoker-560x229 BCSoffersGraphic-560x461 Charts by Kyle Tucker Another telling stat that Tucker dug up? The conferences that most offered Joker Phillips' last 29 commitments were the Sun Belt (31) and MAC (23), while so far, Mark Stoops' recruits have had 70 Big Ten offers, 45 Big East, 44 SEC, 42 ACC/Notre Dame and 32 Big 12. Stoops, there it is.

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