Stevie Getting Loose and Ready for Louisville Hate Day

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cats Over the years, we have had a bit of a role in helping nicknames in UK land get traction. Some became synonomous with the people (Jorts, Boogie and Underkanter)...others never got the attention they deserved (Man Mountain for Myron Pryor). One that did take off was a phrase not said by anyone on KSR, but rather Louisvillian Brooks Mayer who came up to me after UK beat Louisville in 2007 and just said, "Stevie Got Loooooose!" in the most giddy voice that I had ever heard. We repeated the phrase on here over and over, and now everyone knows that when it comes to Stevie Johnson, he gets loose. The latest example comes today as he is in line to the be the starting WR for the Buffalo Bills after outplaying former Indiana WR (and higher pick) James Hardy. Johnson has had a third good year in camp for the Bills and while his team will likely stink, he was picked as a "Fantasy Sleeper" by just this week. There is nothing better than seeing former Cats have success in the NFL and Johnson, combined with John Conner getting national attention on "Hard Knocks" and Micah Johnson potentially making the Miami Dolphins, is doing just that. We wish Stevie the best and hope he gets himself loose a few times in the hinterlands of Buffalo. Normally we place news in this spot, but not today. Instead, we are getting everyone ready for the Fourth Annual Louisville Hate Day. This annual event is done for the Cards in football season and the Vols in basketball season and allows our writers to express their inner dislike of all things Cards/Vols. Today is no different. We have our entire staff on board to produce some good anti-Louisville commentary and having read some of the early work, I think you will enjoy. If news breaks today, we will certainly put it up here as well, but we will also have a steady stream of UL hate for you to read and forward to your friends. The schedule is: Latenight: Beisner Photoshops 10 am BTI 11 am Beisner Noon Turkey Hunter 1 pm Will Lentz 2 pm John "Intern" Wilkinson 3 pm Drew Franklin 4 pm Duncan Cavanah 5 pm Chris Johns 6 pm Hunter Campbell 8 pm Matt Jones Some of the writing will be serious, some funny and some a combination. But all will express what we already know...the superiority of the school in Lexington to the one in Louisville. So sit back and enjoy over the next day as we get ready for the Cards by letting out our inner-most feelings. And if you want an early start, below is the widget for the 1080 AM KSR Radio Show Podcast that includes all of our episodes so far. Today's has me giving some opinions on the game and well....getting a little worked up when talking about the Red and Black. It is worth a listen. Enjoy the day....

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