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  Eastbay magazine has figured out how to do what so many NFL cornerbacks have not. They have covered Stevie Johnson. The Fly Guy "got loose" in the most recent issue of the magazine with "the most models, sizes, colors, and brands."   The former UK wide receiver is currently set to begin his 5th year with the Buffalo Bills. In his past two seasons, he has had over 1,000 yards receiving in each and a combined 17 touchdown catches.   He had this to say to Eastbay: "I just want to be known as someone who did it from the ground up. It wasn't given to me. I've worked hard, I've made something of my life, and I've had fun doing it."   While his on field antics have turned some football fans off, I enjoy the personality he shows. He goes on to say that despite having fun, he takes the game seriously: "I never allow myself to go home and have fun first. If we lose a game, I could go to the club to let off steam and get attention, but how does that help me? There's work I could be doing to make sure our next game is better."   While the cover of Eastbay isn't a huge deal to most people, athletes see this magazine.  Recruits see this magazine. This is a self made player and one of the most recently successful Cats to play in the NFL. Can't hurt, right?   Since I'm sure you are already watching the "Stevie Got Loose" video on repeat like I am to get ready for the game, I leave you with my second favorite Stevie Johnson video. Yes Stevie, "We about to get it poppin' like Joker from way back." Go Cats.   @AFlenerKSR  

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