Stingray Steve delivers his Mississippi State/Kentucky prediction

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-11-45-23-am Mississippi State legend Stingray Steve came on "Hey Kentucky" last night (the clip of which you can see here), but last night, he released his weekly game prediction. The Bulldogs have only won two games so far this season, but Steve being Steve, he has faith that they'll beat Kentucky. "Now, I know we're bad, but they are hard to watch and pitiful because they got beat and dominated by Southern Miss. So, I have one question for the all Wildcat Nation and Mark Stoops. What you gonna do, brother, what are you going to do--" You know, what? I can't do this justice with words. You're going to have to watch for yourself (Steve settles a bet by singing the Auburn fight song at the beginning, but the UK stuff starts at the 1:06 mark): The real highlight is when Steve picks up a cat and delivers this zinger: "Now, Kentucky, this weekend, Mississippi State is going to turn you from the Wildcat into regular old house cats!" Then he barks a lot. Burn.

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