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stones (If anyone has a pair of tickets, student or otherwise, your're looking to sell for the USC game on Thursday, email me at [email protected] . Thanks!) I recently finished reading Stones Into Schools, Greg Mortenson's follow-up to Three Cups of Tea.  If you haven't read either of these books, I would highly recommend them.  Mortenson runs a non-profit agency that builds girls' schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan believing that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban can be defeated, not through bombs, but rather through education.  His two books chronicle his adventures over the past 15 years and the tone is ultimately hopeful.  The one paragraph of the book that struck me the most was when Mortenson, speaking to high-ranking military officials at the Pentagon said "I may be wrong, but I believe that one Cruise missile with a Raytheon-tipped guidance system costs $840,000.  For that much money you could build dozens of schools that could provide tens of thousands of students with a balanced, non-extremist education over the course of a generation.  Now which do you believe would make us more secure?"  Food for thought.  Now, on to the news: --Another week, another SEC Freshman of the Week award for the Cats.  This week, Demarcus Cousins rounded up his 4th such award and 5th overall.  UK has a record 13 weekly award winners and we've still got two weeks left in the regular season. --Not to be outdone, the ladies of UK Hoops swept the SEC weekly honors with Victoria Dunlap securing the Player of the Week and A'dia Mathies the Freshman of the Week.  Take that, boys. --The Cats remained #2 in both polls and have almost assuredly wrapped up a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.  I'm currently trying to plan a trip to Syracuse where, if the projections are to be believed, the Cats will playing for a trip to Indy.  Sure, it's not 11 day, 10 game road trip, but it should be fun. --UConn is clawing itself back into the tournament picture with a win over #8 West Virginia.  Win their last three games (Louisville, @USF, @Notre Dame) and I'd say they're in.  Of course, I really don't care if UConn is in or not, but them making the field strengthens UK's profile if for some reason they were pushed to the edge of contention for a #1 seed. --Matt, Drew and CM Tomlin will be passing through Lexington today before heading to Raleigh on their CBS College Basketball Road Trip.  If you have any great ideas (say, a home remedy to Tomlin's sleep apnea) or want to possibly be involved in the blog, email the crew at [email protected].  Attractive women given first priority. --Can someone please stop Dick Vitale from retweeting people that retweet him?  It's purposeless and very annoying. --The Sixers looks like they might be ready to part ways with Allen Iverson.  This is good news for the newest 76er, Jodie Meeks.  Hopefully Jodie can take advantage of increased minutes during Iverson's absence and work his way into the rotation.  Luckily, the SG spot is pretty shallow in Philly and he should have every opportunity to prove himself. --I keep seeing those Nexus One phones in the site ads.  Does anyone have one?  I'm looking to get a smart phone soon and those look pretty appealing.  Check back all day as we start gearing up for the 'Cocks of USC and lots more in the most ridiculous manner possible.  Go Cats.

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