Stony Brook is Coming (and bringing Joy Behar!!!!)

Stony Brook is Coming (and bringing Joy Behar!!!!)

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
joybehar.jpeg Tonight the Cats meet the Sea Wolves from Stony Brook University tonight (I liked these schools better when they kept the SUNY in front of their name) home of their most famous alumnus, Joy Behar. For those of you that are fans of "The View" (a group which includes Mosley, Tomlin and Rashad Carruth), you know Behar as the "wacky, salty comedian" of the group, and potentially the least annoying member of the show (which is sort of like saying that Nolan Smith is the least objectionable Duke player). Well tonight the Sea Wolves try to take that Behar Mojo and make a statement in Rupp Arena against the Cats. So far this year, things have not been pretty for Stony Brook. They are currently 0-5, with losses to Lafayette and Columbia mixed in. They are coming off only 13 victories in the last two years and are a perennial celler dwellar in the America East Conference. But fear not Sea Wolves fans, Clark Francis rated their current crop of Juniors the 27th best group in the nation (which is something I guess) and we all have learned over the years that you can never count out a Sea Wolf. However ultimately I think the Cats will pull through, in part because of the distracting beauty of our cheerleaders and dance team. As you see below, Stony Brook will have seen nothing like it. ppppppppppp

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