Stoops addresses the quarterback situation

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jalen-max-500x375 Nick just gave you guys a quick rundown on what was said in today's somewhat gloomy press conference (which you should read ASAP), but given that we've got ourselves a new starting quarterback, it seems important to relay exactly what Stoops had to say about the quarterback situation. Asked whether the new-look depth chart meant Max Smith was going to be the guy this weekend, Stoops responded simply: "Yes." Pushed for more information on what he saw Saturday that gave Smith the edge, he said:  
"There's a lot of things... Just because we're naming Max, we're not putting that loss on Jalen whatsoever. There's an awful lot of people that can do things better - starting with me. Max, ya know, he came in there and did some good things. And Jalen did some good things as well, just like we thought he would. There were some critical errors, ya know, from both quarterbacks. We need to improve at that position, and we just feel like Max gives us the best opportunity this week."
  So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth: Max Smith is QB1 until further notice. And given what transpired Saturday, it's the right call. Jalen is an undeniable talent that needs to be on the field in some capacity, but as of right now, Max is the much steadier hand under center.

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