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Stoops: Benny Snell's ejection "the worst call I’ve ever seen"

Mark Stoops made a surprise appearance on KSR today and had some candid comments about Benny Snell’s ejection from the Music City Bowl. After the game, Stoops told reporters that he didn’t see the incident, so he didn’t feel comfortable commenting on it, but after a week of reflection, he didn’t hold back at today’s remote at Shake Shack, calling the referee a liar for claiming Benny pushed him when he offered to help him up.

The call on Benny was inexcusable. And it absolutely — I still haven’t gotten an explanation because [the referee] lied to me. He obviously lied. I stand behind Benny 100% and I think it’s the worst call I’ve ever seen.”

Stoops said he did his best to not lose his “s-h-i-t-” (he actually spelled it out on the radio) over that call and the no-call on the late hit on Stephen Johnson later in the second quarter because it would just have penalized his team further.

“It does me no good to lose my s-h-i-t. It does me no good to lose it like that. Believe me, you know it takes me everything not to. So, there were a lot of things going on at the beginning of that game were aggravating and perplexing.”

“What can I do? There’s really nothing I can do. You want to react in a way, but that’s going to do me no good. It’s just going to hurt me down the road in some situation. And that stinks, to be honest.”

A week later, that call still stings.


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