Stoops: "I will be more active with playcalling"

Stoops: "I will be more active with playcalling"

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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Stoops-practice-4 Mark Stoops kept it short and sweet in his final media appearance of the week. He mentioned having our good buddy Matthew Bradford speak to the team at the conclusion of today's practice, to which he said, "It's a real honor to have heroes like that here, along with the police and firefighters we had this week." He then talked a little about making plays, executing, communicating and "being fundamentally sound." Lastly, Stoops took a question from Jen Smith of The Herald-Leader, who asked if there will be any changes to game day prep. "Not on game day," he said. "We did some different things this week that I already addressed, but on the game day itself, nothing different. With the exception of -- I will be more active with play calling." And that was it. Now let's kick this thing off in a little under 48 hours.

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