Stoops is Proud of His Team's Determination in Hard Fought Win

Stoops is Proud of His Team's Determination in Hard Fought Win

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After Kentucky gutted through a 24-17 victory over Southern Miss, Mark Stoops was proud of his team's ability to hold on, even though they didn't play their best. "Very, very proud of this football team to come away with a win like that.  It does so much for ya.  All the points of emphasis that we worked so hard in the offseason were evident in certain areas," Stoops said. "I really was just proud.  The improvement defensively was very evident.  We would have never won that game had we not improved our run defense and we certainly did that." Last year Kentucky surrendered 262 rushing yards to Southern Miss.  Tonight the Golden Eagles gained just 55 yards on the ground.  The defense got the job done when the offense could not. "That shows a lot of character, a lot of guts, a lot of determination from that football team to come out and win that game when you're not playing your best football, certainly on the offensive side of the football." Even though it wasn't pretty for many, it was beautiful to Mark Stoops "That's what I love about it.  It was just a hard fought, tough victory.  It was a thing of beauty to me.  I know people are going to have a their own opinions, but I loved it."

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