Stoops on last year's loss to Southern Miss: "It disgusts me"

Stoops on last year's loss to Southern Miss: "It disgusts me"

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A year ago, hopes for Kentucky football came to a crashing halt in the season opening loss to Southern Miss. Fortunately, the team recovered and went on to have its most successful season under Mark Stoops, but with the rematch with the Golden Eagles only days away in Hattiesburg, Stoops is keeping the lessons from the loss in mind. Stoops came on today’s radio show and said, frankly, the loss to Southern Miss still disgusts him.

“It disgusts me,” Stoops said. “As I told the team yesterday, if you need that for motivation, fine. It’s the first game, we’re going to be motivated, we’re going to be excited to play.”

Opening the season in Hattiesburg may not sound ideal, but Stoops said he hopes being on the road will help his players keep their emotions in check.

“I’m actually excited in a way because it’s an away game, maybe we’ll keep our poise and composure a little more,” Stoops said. “We came out of the blocks last year all fired up and playing lights out and maybe we were so excited that they didn’t have the juice to finish the game because it so emotional. We talked about that. Emotion is fine, but use that during the week to prepare to be locked in, because during the game, they’ve got to be poised, they’ve got to be focused, and they’ve got to execute.”

And get some revenge in the process. If you want to relive last year’s loss to Southern Miss yourself for motivation, check out Drew’s breakdown of it last night. It’ll disgust you.

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