Stoops still likes Shannon Dawson, but planning for him is "gut-wrenching"

Stoops still likes Shannon Dawson, but planning for him is "gut-wrenching"

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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Stoops-dawson Mark Stoops will run into his former offensive coordinator in Week 1 of the upcoming season when Southern Miss brings Shannon Dawson to town. And though fans may not have a lot of love for Dawson after his one season in Lexington, Stoops still believes he is a good coach and a good guy. He told KSR today, "I wouldn't have hired him if I didn't think he was a good coach. He's a very good coach and he has good plays." "We have a good relationship and contrary to what anyone says we have a good relationship," Stoops continued. "He's a good guy and a good person. It just didn't work out here. I wish him the very best. He's a good coach, again, or I wouldn't have hired him." That being said, preparing for Dawson has been "killing" Stoops, he admitted to the show. He and his staff have been watching their own game and practice tape from last season, which means they're having to relive all of those heartbreaking moments. "I've been sitting there studying ourselves. It does absolutely kill me because you can see how close we were... It is gut-wrenching for me. It is tearing me up."

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