Stoops Strikes Again

Stoops Strikes Again

Erik Jarboeover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Erik JarboeErik Jarboe
stoops-pitch2 I think the form needs work.     I'm not saying that the Cats are contenders just yet, but I will say that Coach Stoops is doing everything in his power to get his team headed in that direction.  In a poll recently released poll, Rivals now has the 2014 Kentucky Football recruiting class ranked 20th in the nation, which is light years ahead of any class in recent memory.           Just some quick notes on this figure...  
  • 20th nationally is still only good for 8th in the SEC
  • The Red Birds have the 12th ranked class for 2014.
  • As of right now, Alabama finds itself located at 18th... Don't get excited, this will change.
  • Kentucky is currently ranked ahead of Arkansas, Vandy, and Auburn (War Eagle?).
  • Keep in mind that this is a preliminary report, and many of these rankings will fluctuate as the higher level recruits make their decisions.  But, it doesn't hurt to at least start near the top.
    Take it with a grain of Salt #BBN, but this is definitely a sign that good times may be just over the horizon.       Short and sweet this time guys, gotta pay the bills.  Come out and see us at Embassy Suites!     Follow on Twitter @WEJarboe_KSR      

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