Stop the Presses!: Pat Forde Praises Calipari

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dfs Its crazy "link ESPN" day here at KSR. The latest example comes from notorious Calipari blaster Pat Forde, who took the time in his regular ramblings about basketball "Forde Minutes" (get it...Forde...sounds like forty....they are clever over there), to give Calipari some rare praise. Whereas Forde spent most of his summer alternating between talking about all the great deals happening at Porcinis and the dreadful lack of Pitino-type character in the UK basketball coach, today he showed a softer side: The Minutes is never shy about coach-bashing, but there are times when they also deserve praise. This is one of those times. College basketball coaches have been doing some noteworthy good deeds lately -- some of them new inspirations, some now-respected traditions. Start with John Calipari (30) of Kentucky, who helped orchestrate a Sunday telethon, "Hoops for Haiti," that raised a remarkable $1 million very quickly to aid earthquake victims in that Caribbean nation. Callers and online donors contributed $525,000, and matching gifts from Calipari and Kentucky business leaders brought the total to seven figures. In all seriousness, kudos to Pat for recognizing the tremendous effort of Calipari and the UK fanbase this past weekend and their amazing generosity. I still dont expect to see the well-coiffed one at a UK game in Rupp, but at least its a start.

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