Stop what you're doing and listen to the Chester/Darryl debate about UK Football

Stop what you're doing and listen to the Chester/Darryl debate about UK Football

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 5 years


This morning, KSR may have pulled off our best fifteen minutes of radio ever. With fan frustrations high, we brought in two passionate KSR callers to discuss what's going on with the football program: Chester and Darryl. Chester represents the eternal UK football optimists, who believe in Mark Stoops and think the team can turn it around and make a bowl this season. Darryl represents the growing faction of UK football fans who are sick and tired of getting their hopes up and being let down and think something needs to change, even if it means getting rid of Stoops. The two squared off in a battle of blind faith vs. rational analysis, and it was radio gold. There were references to Obama and George Washington, and Darryl even accused Chester of "kissing Mark Stoops' rear" when he called in to his radio show on Monday. I won't give it away, but he calls him something else later that may having you covering the kiddos' ears. Stop what you're doing and listen: Our panel of judges was split over who won the debate, with Shannon and Ryan picking Darryl and Maria and Matt picking Chester. Shannon put up a poll on Twitter to decide the winner, and 52% of the vote went to Chester, who will receive two tickets to Big Blue Madness. If anything, he should win for this line alone: "It was George Washington or somebody in this country that said that a nation that is divided, his house will fall down on top of it and crush the people inside of it." From KSR listener Bob... ksr

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