Summer Recruiting Stays

Will Lentzalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Ever since I can remember John Calipari has talked about the troubles with the summer recruiting period, mainly because the demand on coaches (and players,) during this period is too great.  Cal is on record saying “How about I spend time with my players, and how about this novice idea, with my family?  How about we do what football does and we take a month off? How about we do what football does and we go one recruiting session where the head coach can’t leave campus?”  Can’t really disagree with him.

Surprisingly (to most coaches as well as those in the know,) the NCAA actually began entertaining a proposal that would do away with the fast and furious July period of recruiting, possibly by adding more sessions in April or May.  However, as quickly as the suggestion came it, it was denied in favor of conducting a ‘year long study’ into the effects of the July recruiting period.

But really, for Calipari, I can’t imagine it makes much difference.  He could take July off and still land the number one recruiting class.

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