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Ladies and Gentlemen… BOWLS!

By now you’re well aware of the clusterfart that is the SEC standings.  With six teams standing at 7-5, and six bowl possibilities, it’s really up in the air on where Kentucky ends up.  That won’t stop the talking heads from predicting, however.  A look around the internet shows a couple possible desinations, with a rotating door for opponents.

-Chris Low, SEC blogger for ESPN has us playing in the bowl against ‘Big East Team.’ The only thing we can be certain about with that scenario is that we won’t be playing Louisville.

-Bruce Feldman and Mark Schlabach have Kentucky back in Nashville, our home away from home, playing either Boston College or Florida State again.  (And come on, who wouldn’t want to see a rematch of the UK FSU game?  …anyone?)

-CBS Sports can’t seem to make up their mind.  On one page, Kentucky is going to the bowl and playing USF.  On another, they are going to the Music City Bowl to play UNC. If I had to pick, I’d like to give North Carolina a shot on the gridiron.

-Papa Jones has ruled out the Liberty and Papa Johns bowls, because they are played the same day as the UK/UofL basketball game.  Which makes total sense.  I’m just not sure 100% why.

-Personally, I still think we have a shot at the Super Bowl. And if not that, I’m hoping we squeak out an invite to the cereal bowl, and get matched up against Lucky and his magically delicious marshmallows.  They would have no answer for Cobb.  Assuming he gets in the game.

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