Sunday Evening Notes

Sunday Evening Notes

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catcats.jpeg An exciting weekend in the Commonwealth, with a lot to get to on the UK athletics front. Lets hit it: (1) The win on Saturday over Florida Atlantic was maybe not an "A" effort, but was certainly a solid performance. The win gave Kentucky its first 5-0 start in 23 years, and has put the Cats at NUMBER EIGHT in both polls. Think about that for a second. I remember having a conversation two years ago with a couple of national football guys and one of them asked, "do you think Kentucky will ever be legitimately ranked in the Top 10?" I went back and forth on my answer, but deep down I probably thought it was likely no. But now, not only are the Cats in the Top 10, they now legitimately fit into the SEC East race. With Florida's loss, a win against South Carolina on the road could, and yes I do mean COULD, put the Cats in a position to win the SEC East with a victory EITHER over Florida or at Georgia. That is almost unfathomable to me, but with all the potential tiebreakers and the like, it is possible. And oh yeah, Desmond Howard (who I like more every day) put the Cats in his Top 5 last night.....pinch me folks, it must be a dream. (2) In other big news,'s Mike Sullivan is reporting that Terrence Jennings, the big man prospect that could make UK's 2008 class a Top 5 caliber one, has narrowed his list to five schools....of which UK is one. The others are Virginia, West Virginia, UCONN and Miami.....what is not there....first of all, Maryland (which further proves that once you decommit, you dont go back) and Louisville, who some had predicted could get his services as soon as this week. Big, big news on Jennings who we hope to have on the show at the end of the week. (3) Well the ticket giveaway for Midnight Madness was....well, to put it kindly, problematic. The online distribution was a disaster as thousands who got up at 7 am were greeted by computer malfunctions and the inability to get a ticket until hours later, if ever. There were some problems live as some felt that the people who camped out were skipped over by some early AM arrivees. And many complained bitterly about the seat they were dealt and how it came about. The process and the resulting furor showcases just how much interest there will be for the October 12 event. I have spoken with many of our national college basketball friends who are making the trip as the beginning of the Billy Clyde era is being anticipated with a passion that is really remarkable. Now if we can just get everyone in so they can see it..... (4) Andre Woodson for Heisman keeps getting momentum. The previously mentioned Desmond Howard says he is now the favorite and a poll of actual Heisman voters has him a solid third at this point. He needs to hit this three game stretch strong 1 game and he is still on the list, 2 games and he is a contender....and 3.....well lets not go crazy. Andre is a great player and a better kid....watching him get this attention is one of the neatest things I have seen at UK. Now is THE time to be a part of UK can just feel the excitement. More later....

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