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Hey, have you heard of this woman on ESPN named Erin Andrews?  She's kind of pretty.  She's no Linda Cohn, but who is really.  Well, she is now pimping shoes for Reebok, meaning Phil Knight will probably not allow Oregon on ESPN anytime soon.  Although, as Red once said in Shawshank Redemption, how often do you really look at a person's shoes?  Certainly, in Andrews case, nobody is looking at her feet. Anyway, keep an eye out for this Andrews gal.  I think she is going places.  And while you are doing that, read some links from yesterday.  -Six players might just be enough for Kentucky -Without big man, Cats will struggle to go far -Did Cats commit rules violation with Larry Brown <---------OH GOD, THIS IS A TIPTON LINK!!!!!!!  WHAT A TRAVESTY!!!!!!!!!! -Tee Martin turns down Alabama, to remain at UK with new title -South Carolina 15 I will be around for a while, and I think Tyler Thompson may swing in for a few hours later, so stick with KSR all day, including a very interesting video from the UK locker room with Ashley Judd.  That will come up at noon.

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