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Goooood morning, loyal KSR readers.  You’re going to be in my hands for the rest of the day, so now is the time to get your best Ginger jokes in the comments section.  As far as we can tell, outside of the Hoops for Haiti telethon, it should be a fairly uneventful day in the world of Kentucky Sports. But just because not much is happening, doesn’t mean there is nothing to talk about.  So to start us off, here are some morning links.

-Speaking of the Telethon later today, Calipari has promised that some of his players will help man the phones, and that he plans to entertain some basketball royalty at the event.  Frankly, you don’t need me to tell you how great what Cal is doing here is.  We will have more details about the event later today, as well as different ways you can donate to those in need.

-Of course, calling into the telethon isn’t the only way to get your jollies while doing something good for Haiti.  If you’re a famous NFL player, you can always challenge someone else to a footrace.  Chad Ochocinco, not having any reason to run very hard over the next few weeks, has challenged Chris Johnson to a footrace where the loser pays his money straight to the relief effort.  I seem to remember nothing coming from the Johnson/Rondo challenge, so hopefully this once comes through.

-Friend of KSR, Gary Parish, writes that it may be time to question UNC’s legitimacy as a top 25 team.  While you have to take note of how hard of a schedule the Tar Heels have played, I don’t think most people expected them to be 12-6 right now.  And to think, we were once worried about losing the race to 2000.

-You may have seen this already, you might not have.  Heck, it may have already been posted on this blog.  But the Wall Street Journal discusses a study that found that during your average NFL game, there is only 11 minutes of action.  That is, the ball is only live for 11 minutes out of the close to three hours that every NFL game lasts. Personally, I would love it if someone started editing games from the past into eleven minute youtube clips.

-In baseball news, one old guy gets mad at another one for tarnishing baseballs reputation.  Seriously.  Does anyone think baseball is a clean sport anymore?  Does anyone really care that much?  From here on out, I am assuming all baseball players are juicing, until someone like Babe Ruth becomes a major player again.  Or BTI.

-And in random sports news, Chinese Taipei, a country who has seen only very limited sports glory, fielded a team of amateurs in the World Cup of Poker.  And they won.  The team was made up of guys that had only been playing for two weeks.  And they won.  So next time Matt Jones tries to tell you how good he is at poker, just remember that you too, can be a world champion.

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