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-- On Monday the University of Kentucky will almost certainly ascend to the top spot in the college basketball polls. -- Larry Vaught believes Kentucky showed why they should be No. 1 yesterday against the Razorbacks.  I do too. -- Also from Vaught's Views, Keith Taylor writes that Darius Miller's career game helped Kentucky move to the number one spot.  Let's not overlook Jon Hood's three pointer. -- Our good buddy John Clay has a few notes from Kentucky's romp over the Razorbacks.  One stat that stands out - Kentucky 22 offensive rebounds to Arkansas' 23 defensive rebounds. -- After the game, John Wall said he "had no choice" but to enter the NBA draft.  His next big choice will be Nike or Adidas. -- FYI: Dan Werner still isn't good at basketball. -- What's a Sunday without the C-J's Sunday College Basketball Notebook?  It's not a fun day.  I know that much. -- Don't worry, folks.  Coach Cal is not afraid to embrace the No 1. ranking. -- ESPN: Welcome to the top spot, Wildcats. Thanks, it feels good to be here.

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