Sunday Morning Links

Sunday Morning Links

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-  Before you catch Game 2 of the NBA Finals, The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre is saying what we all are thinking, but nobody wants to hear: Lebron's miss at the end of regulation is likely the dagger of what might have been a great series.   -  Landon Young committed to UK two Summers ago, but the prospect continues to get bigger, figuratively and literally.  He's received more big school offers while bulking up to 298-pounds.  It may cause some in the BBN worry, but I am confident that Young will stay true to his big blue roots. -  A Georgia woman was arrested earlier this week in a controversial parenting issue.  Her 13-year-old son kept coming home late for curfew, so she locked him out of the house.  30 years ago, this woman might have been applauded.  Instead, she's in trouble with the law.  What do you think? -  Good jobs usually have benefits.  Retirement and paid vacation packages are nice, but what if your company paid for your kids to go to college?  One CEO hopes to make upward mobility a possibility by offering this incentive to his employees.  I hope it works, but my massive student loan debt says otherwise. -  Two of the most entertaining people in the industry, Bill Simmons and Jon Stewart, are out of a job.  Simmons got the ax at the four letter network and Stewart is in the process of stepping down from The Daily Show.  Why am I mentioning these two?  Because there's a rumor they might be collaborating for a new project. -  I couldn't believe it until I saw it.  Somebody played a Beatles' song on guitar while undergoing brain surgery.  Awesome, weird or disturbing, you choose.

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