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Sunday Morning Notes

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ryder cup It is hard to describe just how great the last couple of days have been at Valhalla....great atmosphere, great golf and generally one of the more fortunate experiences of my life. Getting to cover an event that is unparalleled in its excitement in the golfing world has been wonderful and having happen in Kentucky....well it couldnt get much better. But nevertheless, I know we cant neglect the blogging world either (as shown by a fan who came up to me on the 14th hole today and said "Why havent you been posting much these last couple of days".....maybe because I am standing next to you on a golf course). Thus here are a few notes.... --- In the world of Kentucky athletics, nothing is going on. I mean nothing. I took about 30 minutes today to call around and see if there was any news from any angle and the info spout is dry for both major sports. On the football side of things, the players are off this weekend and thus there really isnt anything to report, except the fact that somewhere right now, Dicky Lyons is probably doing something that should be videotaped for posterity. On the basketball side, there is another lull, although Daniel Orton did visit Kansas this weekend and there may be news from that regard late on Sunday night. Otherwise, all is quiet on the Western front. --- As I have said here, the UK contingent is very strong at Valhalla. In addition to the Kentucky shirts, hats and flags, one fan sang the UK fight song on the first tee to JB Holmes before he teed off earlier in the week (not a bad rendition either). A few UK fans also chanted "Go Big Boooo" to the Weekley/Holmes team, a chant that seemed to entertain JB Holmes in particular. I walked all 18 holes with those guys today and saw a large UK contingent cheering on their alumnus. It really is a great weekend for the state and the university. --- Mark Krebs was walking around the course today, checking out Mr. Holmes. We chatted briefly and he said that all things around the UK basketball program were great. Krebs is a big golf fan, and he joined an incognito Cameron Mills (complete with fake moustache, monacle and top hat) on the course today. --- If you havent gotten to know Boo Weekley this week, you need to soon. A guy who used to be an alligator wrestler and was once punched by an orangutan (true story), Weekley is the newest star that has come out of the event. The loud chants of BOOOOO have filled up Valhalla and his southern, good ol' boy charm makes him a John Daly-like figure, without the craziness. He is now my new favorite golfer not named Chevy Chase. --- One guy in the crowd yells "Noonan" after the Euros miss big makes me laugh everytime. --- There have been a variety of interesting things to note about the event (and I will do so later in the week), none however moreso than the foreign press's fascination with the state of Kentucky. After seeing a Kentucky golf shirt I was wearing, one reporter asked me, "does the state of Kentucky have more than one university?" No man, we house every student in the state in one college....and they have to take their shoes off before they walk in. --- AS for college football, Tennessee is bad and Fat Phil is in trouble. Boo birds out in Knoxville and a miserable performance at home. With UGA, Florida, Auburn and LSU great.....Alabama rising fast....UK and Vandy getting much better.....Ole Miss and Arkansas with new coaches, etc.....UT is in trouble folks, not just this year but as a program. --- Upset of the day (and the one we cashed big on tonight)....NC State over East Carolina. The old theory about teams being overvalued after an upset once again proved true.....especially now that we know West Virginia is being Kragthorped. --- Does anyone really like Notre Dame? I keep hearing they have a huge fan base, but I dont know one person who likes them beyond a guy who used to be roommates with an old girlfriend in law school (he was harmless), would only study on the toilet (thus resulting in 2-3 hours on the toilet) and loved the Irish. If he is any representation of the group, then I think we should stop taking the fighting Weises seriously. --- BYU is scary good....only game they could lose is Utah and if they go undefeated, they may be the first non-BCS team to really have an argument for being in the national title conversation. --- Miguel Angel Jiminez's pony tail is brilliant. --- The British press have made me start saying the word "brilliant." I blame them. --- Scott Van Pelt is very funny in person.....Mike Tirico is very short in person....Phil Mickelson is just as lame in person. --- The comment of the week may have come from Soren Hanson when a group of fans chanted "Taylor County" at JB Holmes and he said to no one in particular, "is that close to Cardiff?" I dont know where in England Cardiff is (and I think Hanson is from Sweden or Denmark), but for some reason it makes me giggle. Soren in Campbellsville would be good for all parties involved. Watch the Ryder Cup tomorrow will be worth your time, even if you are a big NFL person. Your "Who Wants to be a Blogger?" submission is due by midnight on Sunday night to [email protected] Dont miss it. More later.....

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